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Wood - coal - gas

Various natural combustibles for a wide range of boilers and other heating systems

Fire wood: Fayard (beech) from forests in the Vaud, as logs


Starting from 100 kg: contact us by email or telephone

We also have fire lighters for sale.

Delivery methods available

  • 25-kg nets or 40-kg sacks
  • as 25-cm, 33-cm, 50-cm or 1-m logs
  • loose or stacked
  • in big-bags of one stere

Additional products

  • Résineux kindling, in bundles
  • Fayard kindling, in bundles
  • Mélange kindling, in cartons
  • Makro wood briquettes, in 7-kg sacks
  • Wood pellets, in 15-kg sacks


Coal consists of compact fossilised sediments whose shape can vary greatly.

Lignite (brown coal) is a young fossilised combustible about 50 million years old whereas coal is six times older (about 300 million years). This has a much higher carbon content and thus has a much higher calorific value.

For feeding boilers, we recommend you use Ruhr anthracite. Briquettes, in comparison, offer slow combustion and are good for maintaining a longer burning fire.

  • Quality

    Delivery method

  • Anthracite 20/30

    25-kg sack

  • Anthracite 20/50

    25-kg sack

  • Starcite nuts

    25-kg sack

  • Forge coal

    25-kg sack

  • Briquettes (lignite)

    25-kg packet

For any information on the subject of this type of fuel, please contact us by email or by telephone.



Charcoal is obtained by carbonising wood in a controlled atmosphere (in the absence of oxygen). The procedure removes the moisture and any volatile vegetable or organic matter from the wood, in order to leave just the carbon and a few minerals. The micro and nanoporous structure of this "coal" confers particular qualities on it. In some traditional techniques, it is compared to coal which is carbon from the earth.

Delivery: Canton of Geneva and surrounding area! No deliveries in France.

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Barbecue charcoal 10 kg - Bosson Combustibles SA - Geneva

Barbecue charcoal + 50 in10-kg sacks

Charcoal 10 kg Barbecue

Guaranteed success for your barbecues

Long combustion time

Clean charcoal

Maîtres Feux charcoal in 20-litre sacks!!! New!!!

Maîtres Feux 20 litres

Easy lighting charcoal

Guarantees fast cooking

Easy to use charcoal

Barbecue charcoal 10 kg - Bosson Combustibles SA - Geneva

Restaurant charcoal 20/50 in 10-kg sacks

Catering charcoal

High calorific value

Top of the range producct

High-tech in charcoal

Charcoal briquettes - Bosson Combustibles SA - Geneva

Charcoal briquettes in 10-kg sacks


Charcoal briquettes

High calorific value

Consistent quality


We represent the Vitogaz brand and take back other cylinders according to the following rules of exchange (bottles accepted / refused leaflet).


Canton of Geneva and La Côte! No deliveries in France

Delivery methods available

Propane: Vitogaz cylinders of:

We also have regulators, hoses and clamps for sale.

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