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Other products

Barbecue equipment hire and sale of accessories for feeding the fire

Hire of grills and spits

Hire of spits that work with charcoal, with an electric motor.

  • Several types of spits are available for roasting chickens and a range of meats (up to 25 chickens per spit).
  • We also stock paella stoves, delivered with supports and working with gas, as well as grills and chip fryers.

Further benefit: option of home delivery, together with a cleaning package

Grills fired by gas

  • Small Grill smooth and ribbed cast iron plate - dim. 63 x 47 cm
  • Large Grill Plancha smooth cast iron plate - dim. 80 x 48 cm
  • Large Grill ribbed and openwork cast iron plate - dim. 80 x 48 cm
  • Large Grill fully stainless steel - dim. 80 x 48 cm

Grills fired by coal

  • Grill with feet on wheels - dim. 80 x 85 x 50 cm
  • Grill with feet on wheels - dim. 80 x 100 x 45 cm
  • Grill for putting on a table - dim. 35 x 85 x 45 cm


  • One to five bar spits for legs of lamb, chickens, suckling pigs, whole lambs or sheep

Paella dishes (with heater)

  • 20 pers polished steel - diam. 60 cm
  • 40 pers polished steel - diam. 70 cm
  • 60 pers polished steel - diam. 80 cm

Chip fryers fired by gas

(with 2 baskets)

From our depot at Chemin de la Marbrerie 6, Carouge, we also sell:

  • fire lighters
  • fine wood wool
  • sawdust
  • petrol in 10- or 25-litre cans
  • heating oil soot remover
  • wood pellets in15-kg sacks
  • ... etc.

For any information, please contact us.