Oil - Fuel

Liquid combustibles to European standards


Eco-friendly heating oil

The new heating oil for condensing boilers.

The sulphur content of this eco-friendly heating oil has been set at a maximum of 0.005% (50 ppm). In terms of quality it also differs from extra light heating oil by its low nitrogen content.

The combustion of this new heating oil releases practically no residue. The boiler stays clean. This system always guarantees the optimum usage of energy and a high degree of efficiency. These factors also increase operational safety.

Polar quality heating oil to - 20° C

Oil for cold regions.

This oil is particularly suitable for mountainous regions and cold regions, or if the tank is installed outside. It has a resistance to temperatures as low as minus 20° C. Also, its sulphur content is only 0.001% (10 ppm).


Canton of Geneva and La Côte! No deliveries in France.

Method of delivery

By oil tanker or in 10-litre canisters.


  • Diesel
  • Lead-free petrol 95
  • Lead-free petrol 98
  • Unleaded 5% ethanol
  • 7% Bio Diesel

Deliveries to service stations and building sites.

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