Bosson Combustibles SA in Geneva

In 1924, Clément Bosson, second son of Charles, set up "Charbons Ch. Bosson" with his father. The offices were located at Boulevard Saint-Georges 22 and the depot at Avenue des Abattoirs 41.

He developed the business in fuel oil, at the same time as supplying charcoal and fire wood, set up employers' associations, which became the Fédération des Entreprises Romandes, and sat on the board of FIPA, which later became the FTI (Fondation pour les Terrains Industriels).

The business then became known as BOSSON Combustibles et Chauffages, because it provided a maintenance service for boilers and heating systems.

After moving the offices to Boulevard Saint-Georges 2, the business was split between La Jonction and the Eaux-Vives railway station.

In 1958, Pierre-Jean Bosson joined his father in the business.

In 1962, the fuel depot was moved to the La Praille industrial area, at Chemin de la Marbrerie 6.

In 1967, Bernard Bosson completed the family set-up.

In 1982, the offices and depots were reunited at La Praille, at Chemin de la Marbrerie 6.

In 1987, the technical department was separated off from the rest of the business and BOSSON+RAPO SA was born. Heating system installation, surveillance and maintenance, and fuel tank inspection were its specialisms.

In 2004, Grégoire Bosson, son of Pierre-Jean, joined the business. He worked with his father and his uncle, thus extending the involvement of the family.

Today, BOSSON Combustibles SA provides you with heat in all its forms: oil, fire wood, pellets, coal, gas, charcoal, bark briquettes, fuel, petrol and wood chips.

BOSSON+RAPO SA specialises in heating system installation, surveillance and maintenance, as well as fuel tank inspection.

In 2009, Pierre-Jean and Bernard Bosson took over the entire running of Bosson+Rapo SA.

In 2013, following the death of Pierre-Jean Bosson, Bernard and Grégoire Bosson continued the adventure together.

In 2014, BOSSON Combustibles SA celebrated 90 years in business.